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The Award

Interpretation of SAIL

SAIL is an acronym, it stands for Super Artificial Intelligence Leader. The awards are the most prestigious awards being presented at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference and are selected once a year. Artificial intelligence projects that are used to incentivize breakthroughs in technology, application innovation, and are or will change life in the world.

Award Categories

SAIL Awards consist of four categories: Superior, Applicative, Innovative, and Leader award. The expert committees select them and form the annual SAIL Top ranking.

High Assessment Standard

  • Expert Recommendation

  • Online Submission

  • 1st Round Assessment or AIWIN Competition Winners

  • 2nd Round Assessment

  • 3rd Round Assessment

  • SAIL Awards & Top 30 Ranking

2020 SAIL Award Winners

WAIC 2020 Announces the Winners of SAIL Award. This year's winners of the SAIL award were announced at World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020. The winners for the 2020 SAIL award are:
1. Superior Winner: IBM Project Debater - the AI system that can debate humans on complex topics
2. Applicative Winner: United Imaging Intelligence - uAI Full-stack Solution for COVID-19
3. Innovative Winner: Baidu ERNIE - Enhanced Representation through kNowledge IntEgration
4. Leader Winner: Carnegie Mellon University's Tetrad - Intelligence Graphical Causal Models
5. Best Academic Paper: Tsinghua University - Fully hardware-implemented memristor convolutional neural network
The SAIL expert panel recommended and judged the compelling projects from AI communities globally. The expert panel members consist of academics, industry leaders, and scholars from leading universities and global research institutions.
Top tier AI-related projects covering cutting-edge research, innovative technologies, and influential AI applications emerged as winners after nearly 800 projects were reviewed intensively, with priority set on economical and social benefits to humankind.

World Artificial Intelligence Conference

SAIL Awards are announced and held at the opening ceremony of the annual World Congress of Artificial Intelligence (WAIC).

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AI Gala

AI Gala is a featured event of the World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC). It brings together people from all walks of life at home and abroad in the field of artificial intelligence. It is based on the release of the SAIL ranking, the release of AIWIN competition winners, and the release of the SAIA branding event. An artificial intelligence themed ceremony for exchange of ideas.
At the AI Gala event, the guest of honor presented certificates to the 4 SAIL awards winners in recognition of their outstanding performance in the field of artificial intelligence. At the same time, SAIL's annual TOP 30 ranking was announced, and certificates were presented to the top 30 ranking project teams.

Panel of Judges

Dean of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Vice Dean of Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch
Changjun Jiang
Vice Chairman of Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence, Vice President of Tongji University
Jingren Zhou
Senior Vice President of Alibaba Group and Director of the Intelligent Computing Laboratory of Dharma College
Co-founder and Rotating President of iFlytek
Dean of Information Science and Technology School, Shanghai University of Science and Technology
Dean of European Academy of Sciences, Chief Scientist of Shanghai Jiaotong University Artificial Intelligence Institute
Yonghua Song
Fellow of UK Royal Academy of Engineering, Principal of University of Macau
Lin Ma
Dean of Information Science Institute of China Electronics Technology Group
Shuicheng Yan
Chief Technology Officer of Yitu Technology

About SAIL Awards

Beginning, Now, Future

Beginning – Best Of The Best

Biggest Contribution To AI

Recognized as the highest honor awarded at the WAIC, the SAIL Award aims for the “Best of the Best”gold standard for recognizing the best in terms of impact and innovation in AI as follows:

  1. Recommended by the BEST international reputed experts from industry and academia
  2. Funneled from the BEST and most promising startups via the intensive AIWIN competition
  3. Participation from the BEST technology companies including tech leaders, unicorns and up-and-comer unicorns
  4. Selected with the BEST assessment process for contribution to the field of AI in terms of the most impactful applications, the most innovative technology and the most state-of-the-art break-through scientific research

Now – AI For Tomorrow, Today!

High Assessment Standard

  • This year, nearly 700 projects have participated in the SAIL Award. They are either recommended by international panel of experts or openly submitted and selected via intensive AIWIN competition where the Top 3 projects in each category are considered for SAIL Award consideration.
  • Participating in the SAIL Award includes 3 category of enterprises. This includes leading technology companies and Unicorns such as Alibaba, Baidu, Huawei, Ping An, Tencent, IBM, SAP, XunFei as well as up-and-comer Unicorns. The plan is to establish an annual global ranking with international influence with the aim to become “Nobel Prize for Artificial Intelligence” in 3-5 years.

Future – Towards Market Development For AI

Ecosystem, Standards, Transformation, and Internationalization

The SAIL Award serves as the platform to advance the market development of AI with the following strategic plan:

  1. WAIC SAIL: Annual WAIC SAIL Award
  2. SAIA: Advancing Shanghai Industry Alliance SAIA to foster ecosystem development and collaboration
  3. AI SIG: Nurturing Industry-Focus Transformation with Special Interest Groups
  4. AI Standards: Build Industry Standards with the creation of AI Standards
  5. AI Delta Force: Enablement of Shanghai-Yangtze Delta Smart Integration and Transformation
  6. AI Global Force: Accelerate International Collaboration for cross-border partnership

WAIC Highlights

Dialogue and Speeches

Elon Musk delivers virtual speech for WAIC

Tesla CEO Elon Musk talked about the future development of artificial intelligence technology during a virtual speech at the 2020 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), which opened in Shanghai.

Musk said Tesla’s China team has done impressive work and he looks forward to visiting the Shanghai factory as soon as possible.

“I am always amazed by how many smart and hardworking people that are in China and how much positive energy here is and that people are really excited about the future,” Musk said during his speech at the conference.

Musk said that the US automaker is going to do original design and engineering in China for its autopilot function, an advanced driver-assistance system for Tesla.

In terms of full vehicle autonomy, Musk said he is confident that level five, or essentially complete autonomy, will happen. Musk said Tesla will have basic functionality for level-five autonomy complete this year.

[Source: Shine]

Elon Musk delivers virtual speech for WAIC

AI face-off: Alibaba’s Jack Ma sees new human chapter while Tesla’s Elon Musk frets about machine control

  • Shanghai AI conference has attracted executives from nearly 300 companies including US firms Intel, IBM, Microsoft and Qualcomm
  • Ma is mainly an AI optimist, whereas Musk has sounded several warnings on the topic

Elon Musk and Jack Ma discuss AI at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai

With different opinions over AI, both agreed on population collapse being the biggest challenge the world faces in the next 20 years

Jack Ma Talk with Elon Musk about AI in 2019 WAIC!

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